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Metazoo Nightfall Bundle WAVE 2

Metazoo Nightfall Bundle WAVE 2

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This bundle will ship as soon as I recieve product from Distribution and get the bundles built. I will work hard to get it prepared for a release day ship, but there are no promises. 

Orders will be paired with patron accounts.

Any non-patron orders will be canceled.

Multiple orders will result in all orders canceled.

This bundle has EVERYTHING you need to get you and your friend into playing!

Bundle Includes

  • 1 First Edition GLOW IN THE DARK  Booster Box
  • Exclusive KTTCG Playmat (Never offered outside of this bundle)
  • 1 Spellbook
  • 2 Release Boxes
  • 2 Different Theme Decks
  • 2 Blister Packs
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