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Undead Midrange - Kryptik Meta Deck

Undead Midrange - Kryptik Meta Deck

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A fully tuned Meta Deck for the very first Kryptik TCG meta. 
Each deck comes with a fresh random pack of 100 Gamegenic sleeves and a Deck Box!

Stall out your opponent with Moxie and kill spells while you refill your hand and continue to abuse your opponent with Imara!
Swing in big with Wulfric and leave the table with the win.

Main Deck
Eligor 3
Tocho 3
Molimo 3
Vidar 3
Alemus 3
Moxie 3
Leif 3
Rhea 3
Lichen 3
Dumuzi 2
Conroy 1
Wulfric 2
Imara 3
Zillah 2
Argus 2
Pluto 1
Capital Punishment 3
Hecatomb 3
Boneyard Survey 3
Infinity Blade 3

Midnight Meander 3
Corpse Heist 3
Nidar 3
Mortal Blow 3
Detention 3

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