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"The Players are the Heroes" - Playmat

"The Players are the Heroes" - Playmat

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Welcome to the 2nd Kitchen Table TCG playmat entitled "The Players are the Heroes"

Playmats are scheduled to be shipped at end of August, but all purchases are subject to the suppliers timeline, I will get them to you as soon as I can!

This playmat depicts 2 heros playing the game of Flesh and Blood. Its a play on the idea that those who play the game, are the heros of the game!

There are 3 versions:

Full art without zones - Limited to 75 units forever (Limit 1 per person)
Play zones without words - Exclusive to patrons. 
Play zones with words - Unlimited, available to the public forever.

10% of all profits of the first run of the playmat will be donated to the 

George Wendt Sr. ALS Research Fund and the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund.

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