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Star Wars Store Showdown - May 11 at Noon

Star Wars Store Showdown - May 11 at Noon

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$20 to play, cap of 32 players.

Pre Registration guarantees your spot, and is NON REFUNDABLE to prevent you from taking someones spot and not showing. 

All will receive a TAKEDOWN promo card as well as a promo pack!
Top 8 will receive Mace Windu Legendary promos!
The WINNER will ALSO win a booster box of Spark of Rebellion.
Between each round, we will give away (a total of 24) packs as well to random players!
Embrace the Premier format rules: your deck must include exactly one leader, one base, and a minimum 50-card draw deck, with no more than three copies of any one card. Prepare your decks, submit your list, and may the best strategist emerge as the champion of the galaxy. Decklists must be submitted to before the event.
Number of swiss rounds will depend on number of players, which will follow a cut to the top for this event.
9-16 players - 4 Swiss rounds with cut to top 4
16-32 players - 5 Swiss rounds with cut to top 8
Swiss Rounds will be 55 minute timed, top 8 rounds will not be timed.
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