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Ra'Ha vs Idiris Starter Kit

Ra'Ha vs Idiris Starter Kit

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Ra'Ha vs Idiris Starter Kit
This two-player VS box will be perfect for you and your friend to start playing Genesis. This box set includes the Ra'Ha champion card, a 50 card deck for her, and enough aura cards to play with her; the Idiris champion card, a 50 card deck for her, and enough aura cards to play with her; two 30 sided dice to track your health; a learn-to-play guide and a play mat, both with an art poster on the other side; and two deck boxes for storage. We designed these decks to be played right out of the box and give you the whole tactical experience Genesis is famous for.

Genesis is a Tactical Collectable Card Game, which combines concepts from collectable card games such as deck building, collecting, and rule text on the cards, along with familiar concepts of tactical games. The tactical aspects of the game come through the addition of the arena, a 5x6 board where the core of the game takes place on. You and your summons get to move around the arena each turn, and you may cast spells or attack your enemies based on the distance and the direction you are facing. Also, with alteration cards, players can actually change spots in the arena into walls, holes, or buildings.

Jaelara Second Edition will be a reprinting of the best cards from Beta, Welcome to Jaleara, and Raze in a single set.

In this set, we are making it easier to get the cards you need by introducing two rares per pack along with a chance to get a third rare as an epic. Also, for the first time, you have a chance of getting your favourite Genesis cards in foil.

The complete Jaelara Second Edition set contains:
12x Champions
33x Rares
44x Uncommons
60x Commons
4x Aura Cards.

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