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Proquest 2022 - March 5, 12pm EST

Proquest 2022 - March 5, 12pm EST

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Kavdaens Market is Located at
3760 Sleepy Hollow Drive Unit 12, Hurricane, WV 25526

Due to limited space, there will be NO refunds on this ticket.
Please only purchase if you have full intentions of showing.

11:30am - Doors Open
12:00pm - Decklists must be submitted + players must be present
Please prepare your decklist prior to the event using this PDF.
12:15pm - Round 1 Starts

Four 55 minute swiss rounds and then a cut to the top 8.

The 7 Cold foil heroes will be randomly given out as each player is eliminated from the top 8.

Before the final match begins, the two finalists will be each given the ProQuest play mat. 

At the conclusion of Top 8, first place is awarded the random drop Gold Cold Foil prize card.

The winner of each ProQuest season 1 event qualifies for Pro Tour #1. This qualification is not transferable to another player or another Pro Tour.

Additional Prize support:
9th: 8 Unlimited Packs
10th: 4 Unlimited Packs
11th - 16th: 2 Unlimited Packs

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