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Kryptik Genesis WAVE 2 Booster Box

Kryptik Genesis WAVE 2 Booster Box

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THIS IS A PRE ORDER: Tentative release date is March 2023. These will be shipped out as soon as they are received by distribution and are a guaranteed pre order. No refunds on pre ordered products. 

Kryptik Genesis includes cards from the following factions: Human, Ascendant, Mystic, & Undead.

Packs contains 7 Common cards, 1 Rare card, 1 Rare or Noble Rare card, & 1 Random Rarity foil card.

Genesis set contains 150 cards - 13 Noble Rare cards, 37 Rare cards, & 100 Common cards.

Every being across the universe has the opportunity to be chosen for Kryptik Island, yet they will never know until they are selected. Should one be summoned to the Island, that citizen will be afforded sixty-six years to prove their worth and have their fate determined at the hands of the Overseers. A mysterious cabal, the Overseers gather at the end of a citizen's sixty-six years and pass judgment upon those who have lived long enough to stand trial. One thing is certain - all citizens are forever changed by their journey on Kryptik Island. How will you be judged?

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