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Frontiers First Edition Booster Box - Legions Realms at War

Frontiers First Edition Booster Box - Legions Realms at War

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Release day is July 22nd


Frontiers Blister Set 1 is designed to expand on all previous Legions Realms at War™ products.

This set includes a total of 181 cards to collect, supporting all Nine realms.

Including 1 of 8 Dual Sided Full Art Foil Warlord Box Topper

84 Common, 45 Uncommons, 27 Rares, 9 Renowns,  7 Exalted Rares, & 1 Elysian Rare.

Each Pack contains 10 Cards consisting of 6 Commons, 3 Uncommons, and 1 Foil Rare.
Each box has 18 packs
With a foil in every pack with a chance at hitting a second in a pack. plus Frontiers offers the unique abilitiy of a potential "God" Box with 2 Renowns, 1 Exalted, and an Elysian in 1 box!

Cases contain 6 booster boxes.
Orders of 2 or more cases will receive an Extended Art ‘Empires on the Rise’ Pre-Release Exalted Rare ‘Lady Darksky, The Dusk Dawn Dragon’

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