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October 2023 Classic Constructed League!

October 2023 Classic Constructed League!

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Welcome to the Classic Constructed League! 






CC League Structure

League starts: Saturday October 7

Please use this link to notify the tournament organizer that you are joining (otherwise I don't know)

You have 4-5 days ending at at 11:59pm CST on last day of round to complete one classic constructed game in the Kitchen Table TCG server tables.

Round 1: Oct 7 - 10
Round 2: Oct 11 - 15
Round 3: Oct 16 - 20
Round 4: Oct 21 - 24

Top 8 Round: Oct 25 - 27
Top 4 Round: Oct 28 - 30
Finals decided by finalists

Cut Top 8 will happen on Oct 25 and the first round of top 8 will be played on your own time on through Oct 27, top 4 round will be played on your own time through Oct 30. The finalists will determine when the finals are able to be played.

(Please do not use private chats as we are trying to build a community in which people can watch games played to learn how to play =))

Each round win will gain you 3xp as an Armory event. Your opponent will appear on GEM, and you can find your opponent discord server listed in a pinned comment in #league-announcement

Prize Support: For first time winners, they will receive a CF Promo as well as "THE KTTCG Champion" Custom Playmat, the most coveted prize of all! If you have been a champion in the past, you will get your choice of prize that is supported based on number of entries.

At 15 entries: Booster box added to prizing
2nd-8th Will receive a RF Armory Promo.

Scheduling conflicts with opponent: If your opponent schedules a time to play with you, does not provide any warning to reschedule prior to agreed upon time, and they do not show up to play, you are able to claim the win inside GEM. We all want to be respectful of other's time and schedules. However, in the event of someone missing a time to play, we encourage everyone to be understanding and try to reschedule with your opponent as soon as possible.


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