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Legions Realms at War - Louie-Lou-I Bundle!

Legions Realms at War - Louie-Lou-I Bundle!

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Be the Warlord your Legion needs you to be, while being kind to the people around you! You can learn more about Legions by watching an interview with the creator here. 

This EXCLUSIVE KTTCG bundle includes everything you need to hop into playing Legions Realms at War!

The Bundle includes:

(ONE) Louie-Lou-I, The Life of the Party Exalted Foil Warrior Card (300 printed, 200 exclusive to bundle, 95 used for organized play prizes)
(ONE) The Life of the Party Playmat (202 printed)
(ONE) Kitchen Table TCG // LRAW 99 life counter (200 created)
(TWO) Ravaged Lands 1st edition booster Boxes
(FOUR) Two Player Battle Deck Packs including 2 decks in each (8 different decks total)

If you're curious about the game check out videos below!

"Is it Fun?' - Kitchen Table TCG Review
"How to Play" - Kitchen Table TCG
"The Ultimate Unboxing!" - DM Armada


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