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Bountiful Harvest Singles - Renown and Exalted - 1st Edition

Bountiful Harvest Singles - Renown and Exalted - 1st Edition

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Bountiful Harvest is a supplementary expansion product. It is designed for both the collector, and most importantly the gamer in mind. All cards in this product are Bounty Realm cards (all neutral colour cards that can be played in any Legions deck) fully intended to further build upon your Two Player Battle Decks and previous Ravaged Lands Booster Boxes.

The entire Expansion Box consists of 84 cards to collect and customize your Legion Realms at War Trading Card Game Decks.  Both First and Second Editions of this product come available in cases of 10 Expansion Boxes with each containing 5 individually wrapped packs consisting of 10 cards. All packs will have a rarity ratio of 6 Common cards, 3 Uncommon cards, and 1 Rare card. Every Expansion Box will consist of 1 of 12 'Box Topper' Rainbow Foiled cards. Every 5 boxes will contain 1 'Renown Rare' Rainbow Foiled Silver card .  Somewhere within every 20 Boxes there will be a chance of 1 'Exalted Rare' Rainbow Foiled Gold card.

First Edition - Available March 2022
All 84 cards available in First Edition with 'Gold' Legion Crests.
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