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Blue/White Aggro - Kryptik Meta Deck

Blue/White Aggro - Kryptik Meta Deck

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A fully tuned Meta Deck for the very first Kryptik TCG meta. 
Each deck comes with a fresh random pack of 100 Gamegenic sleeves and a Deck Box!

Race your opponent and knock them down before they even know Flanagan threw something at them!

Main Deck
Clio 3
Flanagan 3
Weiland 3
Einar 3 
Orpheus 3 
Svend 3 
Theodore 3 
Davy 3 
Hormoz 1 
Tribulation 3 
Trivialize 3 
Capital Punishment 3 
Imposed Withdrawl 3 
Charlie's Ascendancy 3 

Dead on Arrival 3 
Kushiel 3 
Ferocious Ranks 3 
Mortal Blow 3 
Rash Judgement 3
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