Kryptik TCG - Card Rarities and Chase Pull Breakdown

Kryptik TCG - Card Rarities and Chase Pull Breakdown

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Louie, and you may have seen my youtube Channel at Kitchen Table TCG

While my channel has been focusing on growth with Magic the Gathering content, my local store and personal collecting has been growing with Kryptik TCG!

While my friend Donald has been writing some blog posts on Kryptik cards and deck building, I thought it would be fun to have a space to share some of the collectible side of the game, and my insights as well.

Maybe March 4th, we can talk about all this stuff in person at our regional Tournament - which will be in our brand new upgraded storefront!

Alright, let's get back to talking about collectibility in Kryptik TCG. 

In this blog, I am going to focus in on Kickstarter. There is a good chunk of cards out there from "pre-kickstarter" and someday I am sure we will do a post about that. Wave 2 features unique artwork and variants, is currently in preorder and will be out before we know it. But personally, I have been working on finishing out my complete (for me) set of Kickstarter, and so that is where my brain is at. 

Sealed Print Runs

The Kickstater print run of Genesis was 8,500 boxes and 6,400 faction decks.
This is a total of 325,200 booster packs.

Card Rarities

Kryptik's booster packs contain Common, Rare, and Noble Rare cards.
Commons appear at a 7 to 1 pack ration (7:1).
Rares at a 3 in 2 pack ratio (3:2).
Noble Rares in a 1 in 3 pack ratio (1:3).
There is also a foil in each pack, which is assumed to be intended at the same ratio.

Card Variations

In Kryptik's first set Genesis, the kickstarter has 6 variations of each card.


The six variants are Normal, Holo, Boxtopper, Full Art, White Kryptik Text, and Green Kryptik Text.

Each of these variants is harder to pull than the last. 
Shoutout to andymonte in the Kryptik Marketplace discord for making the math easy for me.

Non Holo and Holo Cards
Non foil cards are very easy to get a set of. One of the things I personally like best about Kryptik is that if you buy a booster box, you will get just about every card you need to play the game. 

The intended print run of each non foil card was as follows:
Common: 22,764 of each.
Rare: 14,649 of each.
Noble Rare: 8,338 of each

There is some conversation that noble rares were printed in line with the rare pull rate on accident by the printer. This would make their print run size equal. 

When you break it down into foil, the print run shrinks considerably. It took me a LONG time to get a full playset of Orpheusimage foils, and that was a running joke in our local community. 

The intended print run of each foil card was as follows:
Common: 2,529 of each.
Rare: 1,628 of each.
Noble Rare: 929 of each

However, based on realized pulls from streams, many in the community believe that an issue at the printer caused each card to be printed in equal rarity, resulting in approximately 2100 of each card.

While there is no way to accurately determine exactly what the printer did, Tanner has assured the community that this will be solved in wave 2. 

For the vast majority of Kryptik collectors and players, this has created a fun and decently hard to accomplish goal for collecting:
A full play set of non foil cards, and a single copy of each foil. 

If you need some help finishing out your set, check out our singles inventory here, where we sell foil and non foil cards!

But for those who enjoy a bit more of a chase, Kryptik has put in some really fun things.

Box Topper, Full art, and Kryptik Text cards.

The Kickstarter Genesis box toppers feature a very cool brass frame. 

These appear in single card packs as a box topper in the Kickstarter boxes. In each box, you get 2 box topper packs.

At the 2 per box pull rate, this means there are 17,000 total Kickstarter box toppers spread among the 150 cards. It is assumed based on the sheets that these are equally printed, resulting in around 113 of each copy. 

Nearly twice as rare as the box toppers are the Full Art Holos.
These feature a borderless text box and a name plate. 

Many have failed to notice these as they open their boxes, so you may want to go check your foil piles to see if you missed some!

These appear once in every 30 packs of Kickstarter. Including the theme deck packs, this results in 10,840 total Full Art foil cards. Divided among the 150 cards, and assuming based on the sheets that these are equally printed, this results in around 72 of each copy. 

During the current climate of price discovery in Kryptik, knowing these ratios could help you determine a fair price on cards you are looking to buy or sell.

If you see a box topper version of Osiris sell for $65, you could multiply that by around 1.5 in order to value out a realistic price for the full art foil, as the print run is about 50% higher in the box topper version. 

If you thought 72 copies wasn't enough of a chase for your favorite citizen, don't worry because there are still 2 amazing versions of each Kickstarter card available for you to collect.

These are the White and Green Kryptik text cards.

If you didn't know, Tanner and the crew on the Kryptik development team have a full on language that was developed and used in the lore. They also utilized this text and language early on to hype up the community with the Riddle 66 cards. 

In the Kickstarter, the team took these cards and placed them in cases and master cases. 


The white text cards are seeded into around every 200 booster packs. Meaning if you open a case of 6 boxes (216 packs) then you have a very good chance of pulling one of them. 

The green text cards are seeded into MASTER cases (3 cases of 6 boxes) meaning you'd have to open 1000 packs in order to pull a green text card.  

Obviously, this makes these cards incredibly rare. 
A total of 1,625 white text cards exist, resulting in 11 per card with a few cards that may only have 10.
A total of 325 green text cards exist, resulting in 2 per card with a few cards that may have 3.

As of January 27, 2023, the prices of the Kryptik text cards are still in discovery mode. White text cards have sold as low as $75-80 for the non-popular cards and as high as $450-600+ for the popular citizens or cards like Roza and Brassman's Will. 

As time marches on, it will be fun to see where prices fall for these cards, and who is able to complete sets or put rare versions of cards in their decks. All this being said, the best part is that the boxes are full of cheap and playable singles that will allow the game to grow wide as it continues to grow deep. 

If you're looking to build decks, finish a collection, or foil out a deck you already have consider joining the secondary market discord as well as ordering cards from my site.

Wave 2 is coming soon, featuring all new box toppers and alt art versions of cards! 
You can pre order boxes here, or better yet - get your LGS to start stocking the game and get it there!

Let me know what YOU think about the collectability in Kryptik, or what you are collecting!

Until next time, be kind to the people around you.
- Louie 

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